Wellpak? Blue PF Nitrile Glove-M-Carton


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FEATURE & BENEFITS. Suitable for Medical, Dental and Food Handling. Provides a high level of resistance to cuts and abrasions. Excellent splash protection against harmful chemicals. High resistance to fats, oils and detergents. Superior durability and strength (3 times more puncture resistant as latex and vinyl gloves) . Ambidextrous with great dexterity. HACCP Australia endorsed safe for food handling. Nitrile eliminates the potential of allergic reactions to rubber proteins that are found in latex gloves. Low modulus formulation allows a comfortable fit. Provides superior resistance to blood-borne pathogens. TGA approved. Non Sterile. Meets ASTM D6319 standards APPLICATION. Non-sterile medical, quality control, lab & clinical areas. Clean room manufacturing and maintenance. Food processing, preparation and handling. Cleaning industry & light maintenance . Manufacturing and engineering operations where protection is required against harmful chemicals. Suitable for Medical, Dental and Food Handling. 100 piece per box. 10 boxes per carton.



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